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Career Mentor

Redesigning the career goal of students and carving their future for a better life through vibrant counselling programmes.

Career Counselling

Come and experience the essence of professional counselling and guidance assistance of the most recognized career Guru Jalil.MS

Aptitude Test

Measuring the student’s aptitude through different types of tests like DAT, GABT Battery and One-to-one counselling session.

Counselling Program

Through vivid kinds of counselling sessions, the centre intends to motivate the students by obtaining them a great platform to perform.


Career Guru moulds the career of students through various aptitude tests, counselling and career mentoring programmes. As the name suggests, we guide the students to choose the right path, where one can learn how to face and live in the competitive world. Through different types of counselling programmes and other activities, we motivate the students who are facing the lack of confidence and self-esteem. Thinking out of the box, we are forming innovative and productive ideas to stimulate the students.

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