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Career Guru, the established career mentor of the new era, is a full-fledged career solution provider based in Kerala with years of satisfaction nationally and internationally. Understanding the most surging needs for directing the new generation students to a desirable career in a world of sweeping changes, we have adopted an exemplary mission of leading the students into a bright future by giving them proper direction, bolstering their confidence and instilling the power of self-esteem in them. To reinvigorate their entity and make them prepared for the competitive world We adopt various methods of aptitude tests and intensive counselling programmes. By means of exclusive career mentoring and career counselling manners Career Guru takes up the most demanding responsibility of each student’s educational development and his career planning from the very outset with a special focus on comprehensive achievement.

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Aptitude Test

The reason why most of the students end up by feeling demotivated in terms of career choice is the lack of aptitude testing beforehand. Measuring the student’s aptitude through different types of tests like DAT and One-to-one counselling session, we enable the students to identify their dominant aptitudes and determine their dream career.

Career Counselling

Everyone lives for a brilliant future. A good career is the sign of a luminous future which is not so easy to choose as our career education is limited. In crucial stages like this, to resort to experts of career counsellors is the wisest way. Visit us and experience the essence of professional counselling and guidance assistance by the most recognized career Guru Mr Jalil.MS

Career Mentor

It is a long term career follow up plan to identify the students genuine potential through psychometric tests and guide them and help them to reach their real career orbit with enough follow ups, training, and coaching.

Career Guidance Program

Counselling has been a focal part of easeful and successful life these days. All people, ranging from students to teachers and children to parents, badly need the help of counselling to a great extent for leading a responsible and positive life. Through vivid kinds of counselling sessions, we intend to assess the students thoroughly and provide them with requisite help and solutions to develop their abilities by giving them a grand platforms to bring out their maximum performances in all fields.

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