Who we are

Career Guru moulds the career of students through various aptitude tests, counselling and career mentoring programmes. As the name suggests, we guide the students to choose the right path, where one can learn how to face and live in the competitive world. Through different types of counselling programmes and other activities, we motivate the students who are facing the lack of confidence and self-esteem. Thinking out of the box, we are forming innovative and productive ideas to stimulate the students.

What we do

The core purpose we put forward is helping the students mould their future in a most hopeful way especially when a lot of students go astray from their suitable career path on account of immense lack of awareness of the swift changing demands and trends of the present world order. Understanding the students completely through various aptitude tests, personal, parental counselling programs and other up to date activities, we guide the students to the right path where one gets transformed wholly by learning how to adapt and live in the competitive world. Since our satisfaction is in students’ overall development we continuously try to elicit full potentials of them by motivating and enhancing their belief in self with the help of innovative and productive ideas.

Our Mission

Make quality career counseling digitally available across the world in all languages and make it affordable to all.

Our Vision

Be the first choice in Career Counseling that provides the best career solutions and crafts leaders for tomorrow who are goal oriented and beneficial to the society.

Our Values

Integrity, Responsiblity, Reliability

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